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 About Me

I graduate in 1993  from McKinnon Institute in Oakland where I studied Esalen massage,Esalen is based on sensual intergration,full body stretches and Esalen holding.

For deeper massage tecniques and  better knowledge of the composition of the body and how it works and insures that the deep work will be healing I continued my
education in Acuppresure ,Shiatsu, Tui-Na,and the traditional Chinese health arts
at the  Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, Ca then graduating  in 2000.


In 2001- I added to my study esthetic's and complete a cross training in European Body Treatments, Face mapping and Skin Care. I received my esthetic's license in 2001 and continued my education at the Dermalogica Institute.

In 2004 I worked at Foxhollow spa and clinic in Louisville Ky, the spa and clinic treated clients with cancer and fiberomyalgia and several other ailments with alternative medicines, and homomedics.I continued more studies in anatomy physiology at the Advance massage school.
LINKS:for intergrated medicine-wellness

I then travel abroad and studied the medical spa industry in Europe.
I have travel to Austria,Croatia,Israel, Italy,Mexico and the Bahamas also several other location.
I've  continued my practice for over 17 years though out my travels.
I am a Bay Area Native and now reside in Marin. 

I was a advocate parent for parents with special needs children (15 years,) and worked with Parents Helping Parents,(OT ,PT Therapist at Stanford Children’s Hospital)

I offer a range of modalities which are listed in Services.
My foundation of massage is based on Esalen massage, howevere I use a range of eastern modalities.
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The receiver can rest on the massage table or choose a floor massage on a Shiatsu Mat.
The massage process then starts by draping the body, the foundation of Esalen  focus on attending to breath, allowing the receiver to become aware of their own breath as the as the practitioner's hands begin quietly, with a nurturing presence and connective   long, slow, t'ai chi-like strokes that awaken awareness, as the tissues open to the warm of touch.
As the contact deepens, the usage of modalities will change into a deeper contact by rollling and squeezing bound-up muscles with rhythmic ocean movements.
 As each muscles is drawing back and forth with expanded movement you will exsperience into a relaxing state that resounds throughout the whole  body, as the practitioner responds with integration strokes into each related area.
The massage continues, seamlessly, wrapping the torso arms, legs, hands, feet, and neck, as your spirit unites into the wholeness of being...

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